Features of shopping cart

Easy management

List of Features

Features Available To The Customers

  • Product List (list format)
  • Product List (thumbnail format)
  • Product Details
  • Cart Functionality
  • Item Purchase Menu
  • Review Posting Menu (limited to purchasers only)
  • Display the Created Free Page via Management Menu
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy

Additional Features

  • Shop Information Setting
  • Time Zone Setting
  • Currency Setting
  • Settings for Notifications From Your Shop
  • Email Setting
  • Terms of Use Setting
  • Privacy Policy Setting
  • Product Setting
  • Product Category Setting(available once immediatly after installation)
  • Payment Setting(available once immediatly after installation)
  • Inquiry Setting
  • Email Stationery Setting
  • Smartphone Setting(optional)
  • Vacancy Setting (collective management available)
  • Free Page Creation Feature
  • Automated Sending of Purchase Email
  • Automated Sending of Inquiry Email

Contact us anytime

There are only 3 steps required in order to use the system.

1. Place an application

Please contact us here.

2. Contract

We will create an account and contact you once we have confirmed and recieved the payment for your system.

3. Using the system

Simply log into the account we have sent you in order to use the system right away.