Benefits for using CRS

Benefits of using CRS for business owners

Feature Comparison
Customization Custom Settings Available Add/Change Features Add/Change Entrys
CEMS CRS Low Price Low Price
Company A system High Price
Company B system High Price

Installation Requests・Inquiries

List of Features

User Features

  • Reservation System (PC+Smartphone supported)
  • Multi-Language Support
  • One Touch Reservation
  • Reservation Subject Input Screen
  • Auto-Trasmission of Reservation Mail
  • Availability Confirmation (Vacant, Fully Booked, Remaining Vacancies)

Shop Owner Features

  • Shop Information Setting
  • Representative Setting
  • Business Hours Setting
  • Holiday Setting
  • Business Day Execptions・Custom Holiday Setting
  • Default Reservation Hours Setting
  • Set the Hours to Stop Accepting Reservations Automatically
  • Reservation Column Setting
  • Customize Settings to Your Preference
  • Note Setting
  • Multi-language Setting
  • Default Vacancy Amount Setting
  • Email Setting
  • Mobile Website Setting (Optional)
  • Manage Vacancy (Collective Management Available)
  • Manage Reservations (Content Editing Available)
  • Adjustment of Reservation Period
  • Check Past Reservations

Contact us anytime

There are only 3 steps required in order to use the system.

1. Place an application

Please contact us here.

2. Contract

We will create an account and contact you once we have confirmed and recieved the payment for your system.

3. Using the system

Simply log into the account we have sent you in order to use the system right away.