A true global company is the way forward.

The world wide web allows us to connect to the world with no effort today. We believe that it is vital to truely globalize your company to the core in order to see true growth of your business ventures. Since our firm is based in Europe, we understand this mindset and live by it. We provide quality international standard front end/back end development order to produce and strategize the success of your business.

Company Overview
Company Name Create Entrance B.V.
Chamber of Commerce registration number 56248644
Representative Director Atsushi Fujimura
Number of Employees 34staff(As of January, 2016)
Address Binderij 7Hbis, 1185 ZH Amstelveen, the Netherlands
TEL +31(0)20-3451815
Email infocreate-entrance.com
Corporation Philosophy We strive to accurately materialize our clients ideas using the powerful World Wide Web.
Management Policies With a progressive work flow in mind, we tackle ideas proactively, always striving to improve our ideas and skills in order to provide the world with the highest quality products.
Business Detail
  • Web system development
  • Smartphone application solution
  • ASP service
  • Web consulting
Corporate History
October, 2012 Establishment of Create Entrance B.V. in the Netherlands.
June, 2013 The release of our firms service, overseas portal site 「living in the Netherlands」.
September, 2013 Contract with a data center in Vancouver, Canada for the expansion of our firm.
November, 2013 Release of our service 「PMS(Project Management Systems)」.
April, 2015 Release of our service 「CMS(Contents Management Systems)」 and 「SB(Store Base)」.
July, 2015 Release of our service「AMS(Attendance Management System)」and 「CRS(Computer Reservation System)」.
September, 2015 Release of our service「MP(Manual Publisher)」.
January, 2016
March, 2016 The release of domestic and overseas job information site 「Alternative Job」
April, 2016 A release of 「the Netherlands Enterprise Support」, a support portal for real estate agencies and businesses in the Netherlands.

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